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Arts & Culture in the midst of #GeorgeFloyd and #Covid19. 


Christine Dikongue

Guest Speaker

Khalidah Bello 

In conversation with Khalida Bello, CEO & Founder of ÒgoTàwa Inc. a non-profit company led by a creative entrepreneur and cultural producer of Nigerian Canadian heritage. Khalidah holds Harvard and University of Toronto degrees in Professional Writing; Communications, Culture and Information Technology, as well as Global Health.  She also has a diploma from Sheridan College in Digital Communications and Culinary Arts Certificates from George Brown College.


Khalidah possesses over 15 years of experience in creating programming that shares the creative talents of Black communities with the North American public in the areas of visual arts, fashion, live music performance, dance, and theatre. She is down-right obsessed with the under-expressed and mind-boggling creative talents of the Black community. Her goal is to discover and initiate as many economically rewarding outlets for the Black community's creative talents as possible.

Khalidah will be bringing with her several guest youth and emerging artists to speak with us! 

Christine Dikongue

Board Member Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce

Khalidah Bello 

CEO, Khalida, Ògo Tàwa Inc


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