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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of employment in most modern economies. But growing an SME demands significant sacrifices in an imperfect world – Often considerable stress is lurking around and usually just one step behind the entrepreneur. Great ideas, relentless drive, 20/20 business vision but yet, the pressure is always there. Now there are new factors to contend with – the security of data, industry compliance standards and safety from hackers, especially the privileged system users.

Join us on September 26th as experts share some vision on how best to ensure business success in the digital transformation era. Let's discuss best industry practices and solutions to protect your digital assets, keeping your customers loyalty, and growing your SME, while maintaining a quality mental health.

Business owners, executives and peers from several business sectors in the GTA (manufacturing, financial, insurance, health, retail, etc.) are invited to this magnificent five-hour journey at the Four-Star Delta Toronto East Hotel facilities. The program includes a sumptuous dinner, great networking opportunities, and fun surprises, in an engaging learning atmosphere.

Mark Douglas, Director of Technology with the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce will be a Guest Speaker.

Special Discount for our members. Please contact us at info@BlackChamber for thediscount code. Registration details at https://www.datasci.net/events/