Do you have a food idea that could possibly grow?

Join us at one of our info sessions to learn more about how the Ethnic Food Incubator program can help turn your afro-food product ideas into revenue-producing businesses.

Info Session Dates:

July 2, 2020

July 16, 2020

Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST

Venue: Zoom


This 12-week program is designed to enable Afro-Caribbean Food Entrepreneurs to take ethnic food product ideas into revenue-producing businesses.


    Join our guest speakers at this info session and hear about the program and real-world life experiences from the position of someone who has been there.

    The Ethnic Food Incubator Program is a Canada-wide Business Incubator that enables food start-ups to take scalable business ideas from beta into revenue-producing businesses, thereby enabling them to enter grocery stores.


    This program aims to establish a Food Incubator Program to provide underrepresented ethnic food creators assistance they would otherwise not receive by bringing their food products to a larger market, while also discovering new and exciting food products.

    With the array of cultures and ethnicities in Canada there are hundreds of food creators with great products, but they lack the ability to develop their products in mass quantities and the standard required for the Canadian retail market.


    The Program hopes to take out all the questions and guesswork when it comes to product development and market feasibility. With your help we will build and grow these ideas into strong and sustainable businesses.